About us

Following Madoff’s investment fraud, millions of private individuals and companies worldwide suffered enormous losses, estimated to up to USD 64 billion.

In order to promote the interests of those who have been injured by “Madoff-Funds” we have founded the “Association for the protection of injured by Madoff”. These “Madoff-Funds” include:

  • Herald (Lux)
  • Herald (Lux) Absolute Return
  • Herald USA
  • Herald USA Segregated Portfolio One
  • Thema Hedged US Equity
  • Primeo Select Fund
  • Primeo Executive Fund
  • Primeo Multi-Strategy Fund

The association seeks to create a platform for all victims of the Madoff fraud, providing them with valuable information and advisory activities by legal and financial experts. The aim is to jointly represent the interests of the Madoff-injured and to jointly go public with the claim, whilst ensuring the anonymity of its members. Within the framework of this association, the interests of the injured can be better and more effectively represented, in order to achieve the highest compensation for the damages suffered.

If you are a victim of the Madoff fraud, and if you wish for an optimal assertion of your interests and entitlements, do not hesitate to join our association. In order to become a member, please complete the forms available for download on our website in the download section.